We are internationally recognized for our commitment to our customers, our quality, our innovation, and professional management. WJP is ISO 9001:2000, and QC0800 certified. Our dedication to a comfortable, safe, environmentally sensitive and rewarding work environment ensures the dedication of our professional staff’s dedication to you, our customer.

Our core philosophy of “Consistent Outstanding Quality and Technical Innovation” is our constant goal. We have been rewarded with a reputation for excellence by our worldwide suppliers and longstanding clients, including : HTC, Motorola, Kingston, Audio Technica, Foxconn, Johnson & Johnson, Wilson Electronics Inc., PenPower Technology Ltd. , and Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, to name but a few.

WJP’s core philosophy is the nucleus of our longstanding success and guarantees a vibrant future in an increasingly challenging global market.


Taipei Office


Zhonghe Office

 A production environment of the highest caliber culminates in a product of superior quality. The main office for WJP accommodates our Sales, R & D, Design and Administration Teams in a bright, open, collaborative environment wherein cutting edge resource planning, design and communication technologies are utilized.


 The plant facilities accommodate our mould forming, millwright, production, quality control and logistic teams in a highly clean, dust-free plant, housing 3D plastic-thermo-forming machine lines. Superior equipment design and ergonomic layout ensure the best working environment for WJP’s production professionals. The care WJP has put into the production environment for its support staff contributes to the pride each employee enjoys when satisfying each customer.