Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

● Q1: How does WJP make sure its production process is green and environmentally friendly?
A1: WJP has a fully automated production design program which reduces cut-off waste and a complete waste recycling system which allows the discarded  plastic material to be recycled and reused, thus reducing waste.

● Q2: What certification standards has WJP achieved?
A2: WJP is certified by ISO9001:2008, a testament to our innovation, quality and professional management.
We are also certified in QC080000. The items we have passed are 2002/95/EC (“RoHS”) Hazardous Substance Process Management and 94/62/EC (“Packaging”) Packaging Materials Hazardous Substances Detection. With these international certifications, our customers can be confident in our product quality, safety and production practices.

● Q3: What type of product is suitable for packaging?
A3: WJP provides customized unique packaging for almost any type of product. We can design packaging that is the most suitable for your product according to your needs and wants.

● Q4: What services does WJP provide?
A4: We provide you complete package planning and design, including the appearance and functionality of the packaging, the combination of paper and plastic materials for the packaging, and production of the package. We also help you to manage your overall costs for transportation and overall packaging delivery, thereby reducing your costs.

● Q5: Does WJP provide packaging services in mainland China?
A5: WJP has expanded its production chain to other locations , including mainland China. Please contact our staff if you need our service in mainland China. (

● Q6: How do I make my packaging look desirable and of high quality?
A6: WJP has been a leader in design, research and development for more than three decades. Our aim in establishing our own design department was to create packaging for our customers that is functional, beautiful and desirable in appearance.

● Q7: Besides plastic packaging, does WJP also do paper packaging?

A7: We provide you with overall packaging planning. WJP provides our customer with the package material that best suits customer need and demand. If you have further questions or need our service, please do not hesitate to contact us. (